A'dam FabLab Academy

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Getting your product out in the WORLD

Plan for dissemination of my Zoetrope

Social Networks

Planting the seed of innovation via social networks

  1. twitter
  2. pintrest
  3. tumblr
  4. Make
  5. instructables "Share what you make"
  6. thingiverse "A Universe of Things"
  7. Vimeo

Zoetorope miniature

  1. Talk and write about my project in ways people understand, regardless how much they know.
  2. Make people appreciate the process in creating the Zoetrope; design tools, electronic design, 3d printing
  3. The final project is a prototype for a design that is smaller and quicker to manufacture then creating enough to start showing and selling
  4. Create something for everyone regardless of how little or how much they have to spend.
  5. Create a workshop introducing people to 3D printing and "easy" to use 3D molding tools.