Astrids Fab Academy Projects

Assignment 15: Networking and communications.

The assignment is to build a network with at least two nodes. I made the bus, with one bridge and three nodes. The boards are numbered and each contains an LED. When a 0, 1, 2 or 3 is pressed on the keyboard of the computer, an LED blinks at the corresponding board. Pay attention to the red LEDs on each of the boards:

To make this little network you need a bridge board, and at least two node boards. They have to be milled and stuffed as usual.
There is a code in C provided that can be used to program all the boards. For each board you have to change the code a little bit: in line 41

#define node_id '0'

you have to assign '0' to the bridge, '1' to the first node, '2' to the second node, etc.

Program the boards one by one. For each board change the code, save it, make a hex file and program it to the microcontroller as usual and run to check if everything is ok. My second node did not work although it was programmed without any issues. I flashed the code again and checked the soldering but I couldn't find the problem. So I decided to make a whole new board, which worked just fine. Then as a last attempt I programmed the board again as a third node, and now it works. I have no clue why it didn't want to be called number two...

Future plans...
Although I decided not to make the internet 0 boards, I read about it a bit and it looks very interesting. So maybe if I have time left at the end I'll give it a try. Some g
ood information I found here,












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