Astrids Fab Academy Projects

Assignment 1: sketch a potential final project.

The first assignment is to come up with a potential personal project, that can function as an umbrella for the various assignments. My project will be about tangible interactive objects that trigger playful exploration and storytelling. I have always been interested in bridging the virtual and physical world by means of tangible interactive objects, so I would like to play around with this theme. During the weekly class assignments I plan to make a series of small and open ended rapid prototypes. I want to start making simple blocks that do 'something'. Later I can make objects that respond to the context they are in. See a sketch of three ideas below. These separate experiments together will give me input for a cool final project in which I combine what I learned throughout the course.

On top of the above I also want my project to be a test case to explore the role of rapid prototyping in creative research. I am convinced that the activity of tinkering stimulates the creative process, and I want to find out how we can give the making process a bigger role in our projects at Waag Society.










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