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Computer Aided Design

Henk & Michelle will introduce is to a variety of 3D design tools. We will do this first on friday, starting at 10:00.

There is also an introduction on Thursday from Germany on a whole bunch of tools at 15:00

It might be handy to install all these tools.

On Freecad:

The assignment for next week

We have to learn, and show, parametric design. This is a design in which you can scale a model as a whole; this mean that every part has a relation to each other. Not all softwares are as good to do this. OpenSCAD, Fusion, XDesign are good at this. Blender not so much.

Outcome: learn about and evaluate several softwares. Describe processes used in modelling 2D and 3D projects.

-> Use many different ways to show of your project!

Around the world

Niels start by explaining the biggest repos and uses [NCDU] to check which part of of the repo is using most space. He then continues to talk about the way to resize images so they take up less space. Take care not to make hour repo to big, basically.

Random review

There is a small chance it is you. But be prepared. We are going to look at - What you did - What tools you used - and what your project is going to be - We are also interested to learn what other tools you used.

Inspiration from other students

  • Really nice how some people make their website more personal... Maybe I should spend some time on that...
  • there is more then one version of ponics! (should check it out...)
  • you can work on your git from different devices. Not sure why I would want to do that... but still..
  • Erwin has a good branch explainer. I should test working with that...
  • Look back in the archive to similar projects.
  • Check isabel YML file to see MKDocs changes

CAD We're going to start! Real tools, real machines. Neil is gonna talk us trough them


  • Install the tools
  • Test them
  • Model your final project
  • And post it on your final project page.

So many tools to consider

2D - Inkscape: check the lone and boolean functions - FreeCAD: the name is silly. It is an open source design tool. It is cross platform. - You can do constraints: things stay the same if you add constraints. - These are the red icons in the menu add screenshot - There is a world called MODS... a whole workflow thingie. Neil is going to link to it. Looks daunting.

3D - Different types of programs Where 2D has vector vs Bitmap, 3D has many many more differences... Neil show us some...

  • These tools maintain all the steps that produce all the step in the design
  • There are differences in the way shapes are represented.
  • Topology optimization... look amazing...

Blender looks crazily powerful but there seems not a real reason to not use FreeCAD...


  • Can do snapping; this helps make sure that things end in the right place.
  • A common way to make 3D, is to start with 2D and lift into 3D
  • start in the 2D work bench and then go to the 3D workbench.
  • And there is many many other ways... I have to watch this video again. 8 times...

There is so much software to go through. FFMPEG seems to come back often; should really practice this...

Fusion 360

Agrilab introduction

The Agrilab introduction was a high paced class. He covered these topics

Under modify you can add parameters of things that do not change: wood thickness for example.

Parameters or 'Parametrical Design'

Parameters can be understood as paragraph styles in InDesign: define them once and get consistency throughout.

How do you position object is precise position to each other?


Henk intro

OpenSCAD is more a working tool. NOt an artist tool. It is a 3D compiler; it reads a script and then makes a model.

For this to work I can imagine you need many example and mix and reuse them. Finding a model that os close to what you want to achieve and then modify the code so it fits your needs...

There is really no way I am going to use this as I consider my life already under a lot of stress and constraints as it is..