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17. Applications and Implications

This week task as below:

Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

Your project should incorporate:

  • 2D and 3D design

  • additive and subtractive fabrication processes

  • electronics design and production

  • microcontroller interfacing and programming

  • system integration and packaging

what will it do?

The name of the final project is Notebook Cabinet Monitoring System

There is a notebook cabinet in the computer room in my secondary school. In the notebook wooden cabinet, it contains total 40 notebook computers and 40 battery chargers. Notebooks computers are taken out when students attending computer lessons. After computer lesson, students need to put notebook computers back to the wooden cabinet.

To use a temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the wooden cabinet. If the temperature is too high, Fans are automatically turned on in order to lower the temperture.

When the temperature is getting lower, Fan are automatticaly turned off.

who has done what beforehand?

I think that some system have made similar function. However my final project is made for my computer room cabinet.

What will you design?

Input device : temperature sensor DS18B20 to measure the room temperature.

Output device: A relay and a fan. The chip can turn on or turn off the fan by different temperature.

Microprocessor : Using a program to receive signal from input device and control the output device.

what materials and components will be used?

where will they come from?

Most of the material are come from my labatory.

There is a power supply from a old computer.

how much will they cost?

All of them are not expensive. It is obtained in my labatorary.

what parts and systems will be made?

The outside layer is made of 3D design and 3D printer.

The chips and PCB is made of CAD machine.

Ardunio is used as the programming platform of the project.

what processes will be used?

3D printing

Electronics production and design

Network and communication

Computer aided design

what questions need to be answered?

ATTiny 44 currently using is 4k size only.

I have already purchased a new chip Attiny 84.

I will change the chip and hopefully this is the last part I have to fix it.

how will it be evaluated?

If the temperature in the cabinet is too hot, the fan will be turned on.

In contrast, if the cabinet temperature is lower, the fan will be turned off.

Also , there is a interface to show the currently temperature.

Last update: May 25, 2021