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3. Computer Aided design

This week tasks (Finish):

  • Modelled experimental objects/part of a possible project in 2D and 3D software

  • Shown how you did it with words/images/screenshots

  • Included your original design files

3D model

This week I start to work on the 3D model. I learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360. As I know this software is a well-known software for creating 3D model.

Step 1:


After starting Autodesk Fusion 360, the layout with rich of features are displayed. I will create a cover for my project. Therefore, I choose to create Box. A solid box is the function I choose. In the 3 dimensions coordination, I need to decide which plane my box will be placed.

Step 2:

I wish to create the cover for containing my electronic components. Therefore I choose to enter lenght, width and height. For the operation field, I need to use “new component” to define it is a new component.

Step 3:

After that, the solid box is sucessfully created.

Step 4:

Also, I will use Modify \ Shell feature. This feature is used to remove material from a part interior. Therefore I can create a hollow cavity.

Step 5:

After the hole is created, I need to define the thickness of the model. I define it as 5mm inside thickness in Shell.

Step 6:

The border of the model is sharp at the edges. I will try it make it round sharp. I have to use modify \ Fillet feature. This feature allow me to round the edge by removing material from exterior edges.

Step 7:

The next step is to choose each edges. Click one of the edge.

Step 8:

I adjust the tangency (G1) to 6mm. Then the edge is changed to round sharp.

Step 9:

And then I choose the to usesame techique for the remaining edges. So the module is create sucessfully.

Step 10:

In Autodesk Fusion 360, animation can be made by using animation workspace. It is used to create a animation of how my model look like.

Step 11:

Ainimation timeline can be used to create different parts of animation. By setting different time location, I changed different view angle. After that, the animation is created.

Step 12:

The following is the 3D model design of my case cover Please click on it to watch video IMAGE ALT TEXT

Please click here to download Fusion 360 file

2D model

This week I start to work on the 2D model. I learn how to use GIMP. As I know this software is a well-known software for creating 2D model. GIMP is a freeware with full of features.

Step 1:

I was a basic idea of GIMP. So in this week, I start to learn much more about GIMP. This is the screen of GIMP.

Step 2:

Now, I wish to create a very basic logo with my final project name. By using Text function, I add my final project name “Temperature monitoring notebook cabinet” in the GIMP.

Step 3:

I create a ellipse behind the text. It look like highlight the importance of the project name.

Step 4:

I used a shear function to shear the logo.

Please click here to download my GIMP 2D graphic file

Last update: February 10, 2021