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16. Wildcard Week

This week task as below:

  • Individual project

Design and produce something with a digital fabrication process (incorporating computer-aided design and manufacturing) not covered in another assignment, documenting the requirements that your assignment meets, and including everything necessary to reproduce it. Possibilities include but are not limited to wildcard week examples.

Food printing machine

This week I am going to try a 3D food printing skills for produce food.

Step 1:

This is the Food printer I use. It is called Procusini.

Step 2:

Here is the another view for the food printer.

Step 3:

There is a platform for putting generating food on it.

Step 4:

There are three kind of food materials. The first one is called Marzipan Grun.

Step 5:

The second one is called Marzipan.

Step 6:

The final one is called Fondant Weib.

Preparing to generate food

Step 1:

I am going to put the food material into the 3D food machine.

Step 2:

There are two location for containing 2 pieces of food.

Step 3:

In my notebook computer, I need to connect it to the same SSID of the food printing machine.

Step 4:

In the browser, I need to connecting to

It is the IP address of the food printing machine.

Step 5:

In the browser, the steps for generating food is simple. I need to choose “produce object”.

Step 6:

Next, I need to choose one kind of food.

This time, I choose the “Pasta”.

Step 7:

I choose “flower” design .

Step 8:

Here is the video for the process of food printing. You may click to view the process.

Step 9

Here is the final product of the “flower” design food.

Step 10

Finally, I have to click turn off the 3D printing machine.

Last update: May 18, 2021