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1. Principles and practices

This Week tasks Read the Fab Charter(Finish) Sketched your final project idea/s(Finish) Described what it will do and who will use it(Finish)

Final Project name Intelligent Monitoring System for notebook cabinet in Computer Room


Plan and sketch a potential final project.

Learning outcomes

  • Propose an initial final project
  • Draw a sketch idea for my project

Final Project proposal

There is a notebook cabinet in the computer room in my secondary school. In the notebook wooden cabinet, it contains total 40 notebook computers and 40 battery chargers. Notebooks computers are taken out when students attending computer lessons. After computer lesson, students need to put notebook computers back to the wooden cabinet.

There are two major concerns we are facing it now. Also, two solutions are provided.

Concern :Temperature in the notebook cabinet may be too high

Since it is a wooden cabinet. When all notebook computers are charging electricity in the wooden cabinet. The 40 notebook computers and 40 battery chargers may be too high temperature in a wooden cabinet. Too high temperature may cause fire accident or affect the performance of notebook computers and batterys.

Solution :

To use a temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the wooden cabinet. If the temperature is too high, Fans are automatically turned on in order to lower the temperture. Also, a real time notification will be sent to IT staffs and computer teacher in order to notifiy them.

When the temperature is getting lower, Fan are automatticaly turned off.

This solution can reduce the labour force for IT staffs to regular check the temperature of cabinet and lower the risk of fire accident.

***Concern 2:Electricity saving for charging notebooks computer*** There are several holidays for the school every year. For example: every weekends, Summer Holidays, New Year Holidays and Easter Holidays. IT staffs need to regular turn off and turn on the battery charger before and after each holidays. It is time-consuming for IT staffs. ***Solution 2:*** To use a battery control to turn on and off the battery chargers automatically. An intellectual program is needed to set a schedule for turning on and off the battery charger. Therefore, it can reduce the labour force for IT staffs, save the cost for electricity after battery is fully charged and also save the battery life of notebook computers. -->

The components that will be used in the final project are :

  • Temperature sensors
  • Wifi module IC
  • Fans
  • A web interface for monitoring the notebooks cabinet status
  • Battery control sensors
  • Programming
  • Clip (ESP32) for controlling the whole system

An initial sketch of the final project

An initial sketch of Monitoring system

Who will use the Intelligent Monitoring System for notebook cabinet

IT staffs and computer teacher will use the system. Therefore administrative cost and time for IT staff can be reduced.

Fab Charter

I have already read the Fab Charter. After I read the Fab Charter, I understand more clearly the basic background of Fab Lab.

Last update: March 3, 2021