Group assignment: Electronics Design

For this group assignment we each tested different equipment on our boards and documented our work individually. Here is a summary of what each student worked on.


Here I am using the Attiny 44 board I designed this week, and I am measuring the input voltage, and the voltage change of the LED blinking with a 1 second delay rate.

I connected the alligator section of the probe to ground, and the “signal” part to the pin I am taking my reading from.

It can be observed with each blink of the LED, the voltage goes up to 5 V and back to Zero.


For the group assignment I will be testing the power and the voltage of the led once the push button is pressed using the multimeter and the oscilloscope respectively,

Measuring the Power

Here I’m testing the power of the board using the multimeter, by connecting the GND and the VCC to the multimeter,

it is clear that the multimeter shows the power of the VCC is 5v.

Measuring the Attiny 44

Here I’m measuring the power of the attiny 44 output pin using the oscilloscope,

the oscilloscope measurement reading shows that when the push button is pressed the voltage goes to 5V and to 0 when the push button is released.


For this group assignment I used my ATtiny44 board I designed in Electronics Design week.

I uploaded blink code on the board with a 500 ms delay to compare the output reading with my colleagues.

I used the oscilloscope to measure the input voltage of the LED while blinking as shown in the oscilloscope screen the voltage reading changes from 0v to 5v repeatedly each 5s. The probe that is connected to the oscilloscope, had two ends one of the ends placed on the ground and the other one on the LED leg as shown in video below.