Group assignment: Output devices


For the group assignment, I measured the power supply for the one of the screens I used. I used the TFT LCD screen I used with my Atmega 328 board I made (ILI9486), I connected the board to the power supply and examined the change in the display brightness as I went from 3.7 V to the near maximum recommended rating 4.7 V, as the screen gets brighter as I increase the voltage.

The power supply gives a current of 0.13 A to the screen at 4.7 V. So calculating the power consumption.

Voltage = 4.7 V.
Current = 0.13 A.

P = IV = 4.7 x 0.13 = 0.611 W


The group assignment for this week is to measure the power consumption of an output device. I chose the output device for my final project which is I2C LCD. I uploaded the code on my atmega 328 board and monitored the results and checked the voltage on oscilloscope. The voltage of the I2C LCD is 4.53 V which is as shown on the below video.


For the group assignment of this week I will be measuring the power consumed by the servo motor, to do that I will be using the multimeter to measure the readings of the voltage and the power,

the reading was as follow:

to calculate the power I will be using the following formula, P = IV, hence the power consumed is 5*0.026 = 0.13W