1. Principles and practices

Plan and sketch a potential final project

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

1.1. My final project idea

1.1.1. Description

My idea for my final project is to make a decorative fountain with mobile jets and lights that synchronize with the music. The music will sound through speakers built into the fountain. The music is sent via a microphone or via Bluetooth from a mobile phone or from a musical keyboard (also made by me) to play live music.

The device analyzes the audio spectrum, to separate the audio into different frequency bands (tones), managing to synchronize the different lights and water jets with each tone. In this way we get a show of music, light and water capable of relaxing anyone, especially nervous or hyperactive people.

1.1.2. Spiral model diagram

The objectives of my project are:

1º Decorative fountain with lights synchronize with music that sound by speakers. Audio input by microphone.

2º Mobile water jets syncronize with music.

3º Communication bluetooth to mobile phone.

4º Musical keyboard.

1.1.3. Inspiration

This idea is inspired by something wonderful that I saw during a trip through Budapest. In Margarita Island there is a spectacular musical fountain. You can see it in the following video:

I don’t think I do something so spectacular, but I think it’s great to decorate my living room.