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Final Project

Brainstorming on a final project, “the alcove office”…

In open spaces office, it would be nice to have some more closed personal spaces…
with comfortable seating and working space…
but still connected to the world…
using new technologies, new materials…

What will it do?

So, it would be an partially closed space, surrounded by panels having good acoustic properties
There would be an “intelligent” system, based on microcontroller, providing data on the office environment (temperature, humidity, time,…) and controlling some actuators: motors, light switches,
Access to loudspeakers, power plugs and internet connection could be a plus

Who’s done what beforehand?

On the net, you could find several type of personal spaces, from simple seats in a semi-closed space to volumes that can be mounted in a short time thanks to their deployable structure

What will you design?

  • The idea is to think first about the seat and a planar working surface on which the deplaoyable structure will be fixed that could be made by means of the Kinetic CNC*
  • deployable separation panels, to be covered or even made in special textile with acoustic properties
  • The brain, made of a microcontroller on a main board with extensions for input and output devices (PCB milling, assy and programmming)
  • Encapsulation of PCB to protect them from a environmental hazards, to be made out of an epoxy box (molding)

What materials and components will be used?

For the mechanical structure, there is no clear idea yet, working with my colleagues, we are developping the design of the seat and its incorporated panels. There will be wood for the seat and working surface, and fabrics for the panels

For the electronic part, design is already on-going (see weeks 10, 11, 13)

Where will they come from?

All materials needed for the fabrication are available at the fablab or commercial stores

How much will they cost?

Bill of materials to be done

What parts and systems will be made?

Everything will be ‘homemade’

What processes will be used?

See above: this has been defined while developng the design of the structure

How will it be evaluated?

The correct functioning of the system will be done on-site, on a 1 to 1 scale


Plan of the origami , half model, in paper:

To do:

  • Double the model to create an arch
  • Contact felt manufacturer to get felt samples to play with cutting and doubling to create an origami sample felt origami
  • Think on the manufacture process : laser cutting of felt? 3D printing on felt?
  • Rigid parts (stick?) to put the structure in motion

Motion control

Stepper motor controlling the opening of the origami, driven by microcontroller

User interface

Bluetooth communication between microcontroller and user’s smartphone

Temperature and humidity measurements in the environment are displayed

I’ll use the [Kodular platform]( to develop my app.