Week 2


Work through a git tutorial.
Build a personal site in the class archive describing you and your final project.

PART 1: Installing Git

What is GIT?

GIT is a software for "version control". That means, allows to manage changes efficiently . By example, if we has create a website, and then want to test a new menu, just need to make a paralel version (branch) and make the needed changes. If we are satisfied with the changes, can make this change permanents on our original version. If don't, we can return to the previous version.

Is important to be clear about GIT go further to save versions of files. GIT only preserves changes between old and new files. On the previous example, GIT don't saves entire files, just record the new line of code, or the modified lines on code to generate the new menu.
This can be used to many files at a time. While this files are into a folder setted as a repository.

How to get GIT

To install GIT, is enough got to the website https://git-scm.com/download/win . The way of install vary according your operating system. To install on Windows, you need to download the installation file.


Open the file downloaded, to install the software on Windows. Then, accept the license terms, select a folder to the installation and go to Next.

I choose the default options and click Next.

At this point, I have no installed no one text editor software, so I choose the default option (I would change this later, I guess).

Then, the installer ask something about the use of git. I decide select the first option. That sounds more logical for me. I have no other reason.

Finally I choose default option for all the next options and click on install.

Click on Finish when the installer shows that button. That's all, GIT is installed.

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