Week 1
Principles and practices


Plan and sketch a potential final project.

The project


My idea is build an brace automated, to correct the posture and help on the treatment of the scoliosis.

I started making some sketches, to understand what parts and how many parts I need design.

At this point, I think the brace need to be divided on three supports to be controlled. Well, to reduce the complexity, I'm thinking on a geometry like this.

That arrangement let me focus on the angle of rotation, while the distance between brace levels has no changes.

The freedom degrees, needed to control one level are 3:

The next step is make a 3D model of the brace. To start with the modeling, I made a digital dummy, approximating to my own RX.

The planification

The Fab academy has 20 weeks, but we are at the second week at the time I am writing this, so I have 18 weeks to complete the entire project. That will my deadline.

So I decide to make a plan, using MS Project.

Even including a wildcard week, looks a little hard. I need to do my best, thats clear.

Files of this assignment:

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