Week 15

Group Assignment

Design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation
Build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
Document the group project and your individual contribution

Designing and building the machine

The machine to be designed in this assignment, will be used for surgery procedures of reconstruction of fractured hips (ouch!). Its a Orthopaedic traction machine. The details are documented on the site of my teammate Silvia Lugo. So, this week we will work on a prototype, made of MDF and 3d printed parts, due to a real machine, must be made of special stainless steel.

This week, my teammates modeled the basic structure. It looks likes this:

The next step, was add a kind of bridge, taht can support the foot of the patient (To understand better, please visit the page of Silvia Lugo). Additionally, we need to adjust the rotation of thta support. Due to this, I design a pivot and a support. The process is on the next videos.

This is the pivot design process.

And these are some photos about the process of fabrication and assembly.

This is the knob design process.

This is the "bridge" design process.

This is the foot support, design process.

And finally, I designed a small support, for the shaft.

So, the final result is this.

Later than, we tried add a fast way to move the shaft. The simpliest way that we found, was attach a drill to the shaft end. And it really worked.

This is the end of the mechanical process. The machine works, but is not aumtomatic. The next step is attach it motor in the week 17.

Files of this assignment:

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