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20. Project development


Complete your final project, tracking your progress:
what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
what has worked? what hasn’t?
what questions need to be resolved?
what will happen when?
what have you learned?

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I reviewed the tasks of final presentation as follows.

Completed tasks:

  • Light sensor boards are designed and five boards are networked to Raspberry pi.
  • Mist generation board is designed.
  • Mist output control using servo motor and DC fan
  • End parts actuation by shape-memory alloy
  • Generative flame animation by Processing
  • Application by Processing
  • Enclosure design
  • Packaging
  • Presentation slide and video

Remained tasks

  • Preparation for the demo at 17th final presentation
  • Documentation

what has worked? what hasn’t?


Functions I planned has almost worked. Mist generation and projection as flame has worked successfully. Interaction using light sensor has worked, but needs tuning in case of dark room.

Not worked

Based on the triage, I have set low priority on following functions.

  • Humidity sensor
    I tried humidity sensor, but it didn’t worked at ATtiny44. I need further examination.

  • Characterizing of the humidifier
    First idea was to characterize the humidifier. As I need more research, I will try at future trial.

What questions need to be resolved?

  • Can you make this system compact?
  • Do the parts rust with mist?
  • Are there any measures for loud servo noise?

What will happen when?

  • June 16: I will finalize the presentation scenario and practice.
  • June 17: I will present my final project.
  • June 19: I will finalize my documentation.
  • July 3: I will complete modification to the feedback of global evaluator.

what have you learned?

  • I have learned basic skill to design electronics and make circuit board with soldering surface mount parts. I failed many times and have become no to so afraid making micro controller board.

  • Through Group assignment experiment, I have Learned how to collaborate with others, especially machine design weeks were good opportunity.

  • Not only 2D design, I have learned 3D design and computer controlled machining. When I create something, I have become to think of various ways.

  • Not only learning production techniques, I learned attitudes and mindset from the academy, such as project management, documentation, dissemination and FAB world.