About Me

My name is Francis Lance and I am 27 years old. I live in the province of Québec, Canada. I graduated from the École de technologie supérieur in electrical engineer end of 2017. Since I was young, I'm passionate about electronics and computers. The part than I find interesting in this domain is you choose the limits of your creation.

I joined a team several weeks ago and it was a great idea to join them because it gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and to do what I like. The best feeling for me I think, is when you go to bed and you find that your day has made you progress in your ability, knowledge, experiences, wisdom as a person. With this amazing, I'm participating to open a Fablab in my region. That is the main reason why I'm following the Fab Academy class and because I want to increase my knowledge level with all different digital tools. I want to participate in this movement that I found unbelievable fantastic. Fab Academy is the new way to learn 2.0 because since we are young, we learn with experiences, manipulations and mistakes we made. Listen to a teacher without practice, should be banned from the school education programs because I find that it is not the appropriate way to learn.