19. Invention, intellectual property and income


Since record players have been around for quite awhile and I’m not doing anything revolutionary with mine, I will not be applying for a patent or any type of copyright rights. Many companies make record players, so I’m not really doing anything super special.

Throughout the Fab Academy process, I’ve referenced a lot of other people’s Fab Academy pages, whether it was their weekly assignment or parts of their final project. I already have a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial license (or **Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International), and I will continue to use this. I learned about this type of license on the Creative Commons site. Basically, this enables anyone to use (and modify) my work partially or completely, including my files that are on my site. They cannot, however, use my work commercially (make profit), and they must give me credit. I will not be using my work commerically, either. I will just make the one record player for my final project and possibly modify it in future iterations.

Specific Clauses

  • Clause 3(a)(1)(A) discusses what the user of the creator’s work must do. It includes the fact that they must identify the creator (by a pseudonym, if desired by the creator), include a copyright notice, identify the type of license the creator has, and provide a hyperlink to the licensed material. All of the above applies even if the licensed material is being used partially. I didn’t realize that it was so thorough.
  • Clause 3(a)(1)(B) states that any modifications of the licensed material must be indicated. Previous modifications must also be indicated.
  • Clause 3(b) explains what someone must do if they modified the licensed material (called adapted material). They must apply the same type of Creative Commons license of the same or later version.

Things I learned about Intellectual property

  • Royalty means that a person is paid a sum of money to someone for the use of or sale of their intellectual property (from this website)
    • This includes artists and their work/images, musicians and their copyrighted music, authors and their published work, and companies and the use of the companies’ name / assets
    • I kinda knew about royalties before this, but I didn’t know some circumstances in which royalties were applied (like the last example given above about companies)

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