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Learn to Turn Codes into Things

The Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience where students learn rapid-prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments.

Distributed Educational Model

It offers a distributed rather than distance educational model, students learn in local workgroups, with peers, mentors, and machines, which are then connected globally by content sharing and video for interactive classes.

Fab Academy Diploma

The Fab Academy instruction is based on MIT’s popular rapid-prototyping course How To Make (almost) Anything, both taught by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld.


every week new task

principles and practices

project management

computer-aided design

computer-controlled cutting

electronics production

3D scanning and printing

electronics design

computer-controlled machining

embedded programming

molding and casting

input devices

output devices

applications and implications

networking and communication

mechanical + machine design

interface and application programming

wildcard week

invention, intellectual property, and income

project development

final project



Hi! My name is Eva. Currently (2019) I am finnishing FabAcademy in FabLab Barcelona as a continuing student from 2016. I have been involved in the art & design industry for almost a decade both nationally and internationally. As an architectural designer with interests focused on interdisciplinary interaction and multimedia communication based on architecture, arts and computational design I received a Master Degree in Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where I studied under Prof. Zaha Hadid. Because of my big passion for innovation, digital fabrication and rapid prototyping I started FabAcademy in IAAC in Barcelona, where I also assisted several projects in Fab Textiles Lab. My Bachelor from Faculty of Multimedia Communication at UTB in Zlin included also marketing and design and I got experience not just in the multimedia and arts, but also in the field of public relations and organization of exhibitions. During my studies, I worked in Bollinger+Grohmann Ingenieure and after receiving my degree I gained professional experience in diverse architectural offices such as Coop Himmelb(l)au, DMAA, GR Design. I also collaborated with Noumena and Reshape. As a member of DesignMorphine we organized Algorithmic Accessories Workshops in Vienna. In addition to this, I am also participating in media activities on a regular basis, which includes publishing on various online and printed platforms. Recently I started the collaboration with the SYNArchitecture platform and together with my co-founders we are planning to enhance our activities in various fields! So stay tuned!

This was main kick for me to explore the realm of intersecting physical and virtual environments >>> My diploma project at @dieangewandte Studio Hadid, Collaboration with @busafiarc #rendering by @flyingarchitecture Augmented Xpo constitutes a fusion of virtual information space, art, commerce and physical architecture into a physical and virtual exhibition scenario. It is the new architecture of liquidity, flow and constant adaptation based on technological advances and basic human desire to explore the unknown. The aim is to enable a unique and compelling spatial environment to be experienced by both physical and virtual visitors in order to investigate a potential field of internal relations and conditions for interconnectivity. The environment should connect visitors through the content of the exhibition, exploring how visitors interact with this content and how it helps them connect socially with other visitors. Another focus is to bring principles of design, architecture and organization together using new transmedia models of interaction and user participation. In achieving all of the above the Xpo will engage participatory experience, enhancing social interactivity and creating new value for it‘s institution, participants and non-participating audience alike. #2016 this was the start of my exploration between those two realities, physical and virtual dimensions.

  • 2018


    co-founder, Vienna, Austria

  • 2012-2016

    Universität für angewandte Kunst

    IoA Institut of Architecture, Studio Hadid, Vienna, Austria

  • 2009-2012

    Univerzity of Thomas Bata

    Faculty of multimedia communication/Multimedia and design, Atelier of 3D design_Spatial design, Zlín, Czech Republic

  • Sept. 2011-Dec. 2011

    Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht School of the Arts

    Spatial design, Interior architecture, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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