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smart interactive lamp

FabLux is the smart lamp that interacts with you, it reacts to your movement, when you touch it turns on/off, it is in equilibrium to the ambient light, when the sun goes down, the lamp turns on. Depending on the light intensity it changes also its brightness, temperature of the also can change the color by using app and voice recognition. so now enjoy the darkness!

The video showing process of developing my final project.

Final project - FabLux Lamp - photo by Marcel Rodríguez

Final project - FabLux Lamp - photo by Marcel Rodríguez


For my final project - lamp, I decided to use Rhino + Grasshopper as a 3D design tool. the body of the lamp is mainly made by 3D printing technique (material PA12, Nylon12, other future options could be also using Carbonmide - conductive material) the final piece was done by sls 3D printing, for prototyping I used various fdm printers in the lab. The base of the lamp was prototyped by laser cutting of acrylic, than wood, the final piece was milled from wood by using CNC machining, afterwards conductive coating was applied.


For the part of electronics and creation of my PCB I used Autodesk EAGLE, Microcontroller ATtiny84 and created a shield for NodeMcu V3. As an input I decided to implement LDR sensor for reaction to ambient light and than capacitive sensor for interaction with the touch - on/off. As an output I used Neopixel LED Strip. There was also an idea to use NodeMcu V3s - wifi to create an app for voice recognition for light color change.


For programming the board I used Arduino IDE environment.


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Techniques used to build My Final Project (pages linked with the weekly assignments):

-Principles and practices -Project Management   -2D/3D Design   - 3D Printing - Computer Controlled Cutting - Computer Controlled Machining - Electronics design + production - Input Design (LDR, Capacitance)   - Output (Neopixel LED Strip) - Networking (RGB LED Lighting system)   - Programing (Input, Output and Networking) - Interface/Application

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