Qusai Malahmeh
Fab Academy 2018

Filament Recycling Extruder

As I have been working with 3D printing for about 3 years I found that there are some waste in filament so I thought about doing a Filament Recycling Extruder for my final project, to recycle the waste materials and reuse them again to save in cost and conserve the environment.

The idea behind this project is to introduce a functional with reasonable priced Extruder which can be affordable to be used by the FabLab community and sold to others outside the community

2D&3D designs

3D printing

laser cutting

Metal&wood work


Electronics Design& Production



As you can see the cost is very low which helps anyone around the world to make it; but you need to put good efforts and hard work to get it done. For detailed information you can go to Applications and implications week

What a great feeling to see my final project finalized and working well. It is like a dream came true for me as since I started working with the 3D printing and the issue of waste materials and how can I re`use them is my main focus.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fab Academy as this course helped me to work faster on my project and this course was the most helpful and useful course that any person could benefit from; for me personally it was the best course which will help me through my career; also I would like to thank all of my colleagues who were very cooperative and supporting through the course not to forget to thank our instructor who was very helpful and great mentor
Big thanks for our FabLab Irbid who gave me the opportunity to take the course and provided all the help needed. This extruder will be very helpful and I highly recommend that all FabLabs around the world to make such extruder and use it for the greater benefit of our community. There are detailed explanation step by step how to make in the website and if any inquiry or question still needed by any member of our community I'll be more than happy to answer.
You can see my baby extruder running and recycled materials are used. Despite the hard work and long hours through the course I can't say except every effort and second was worth it. What a great relaxation and pride