Abundance - Final Project 2021

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Jean-Luc Pierite | Fab Academy 2021

The Academy of How to Make (almost) Anything (that works)

by Jean-Luc Pierite

Rev.0.4 - GitBook Edition, January 2021

Trello: https://trello.com/b/0xcU2e5T

MIT License, © 2021 Jean-Luc Pierite

Abundance - Generating Value From Aquatic Plants

The goal of this project is to explore the generative quality of aquatic plants. Plants such as duckweed can be used as sources of food, given levels of protein content. They can also be used for biomaterials, considering levels of starch content. Abundance is a device to track conditions for growth through a DHT11 sensor. I have also included an HTML5 web interface which connects to the device through a local server to track temperature and humidity data, as well as send labels to the unit for display. Future iterations of the project will include: a PAR sensor to track light conditions, a capacitive sensor to track pH levels of the water or nutrient solution in the tank, a motor to maintain oxygen levels in the tank, and LED grow lights.

Work for this project was carried in collaboration with Guilherme Simoes through the Master in Design for Emergent Futures at IAAC, Elisava, and Fab Lab BCN. Local evaluation of Fab Academy was conducted through Dassault Systemes. Additional help provided by Beach Lab.

Electronics Design


Input Devices


Output Devices


Embedded Networking






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