3D Scanning and Printing

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The goal of this week was to model and print an object, that could not be made subtractively, and 3D print something.

⇝ 3D print ⇝ 3D scanner

⇝ OBJ file

I used a bit Sense 3D to scan people when I worked in the museum. So I tried to scan with more "rudimentary" tools:

First I tried to use VisualSFM, an open-source software for 3d reconstruction. I tried on Ubuntu.
I started to follow some tutorials buuuut a lot of links are dead and the tutorial looks to take ages. I gave up...

Agisoft PhotoScan
Second attempt, I tried with PhotoScan. I prepared a little photo studio:

I took some photos:

I opened PhotoScan, import my photos and used the "Workflow" menu to transform images to 3d points cloud and render it:

It didn't work and didn't really understand why. I was a bit on hurry so I didn't go further. Perhaps you have to be very precise with the lighting.

I tried an Android app called SCANN3D. I try on my girlfriend:

Funny but not very accurate!

So I finally use a Kinect from Imal to scan myself. I first download and install Skanect. I launch it:

I selected "Body". In Record you record the object. I put my Kinect on a shelf:

I turned on myself, recorded it and process it. I use "Fill hole" to fill the hole in the top of the head.

I finally export it in OBJ and, that's me in lowpoly 3D because I didn't purchase any licence:

It's very easy with Kinect ! It's powerful and very cheap.
Now I have to find something interresting to do...