Output Devices

The assigment page
The goal of this week was to design a board with an output device and program it.

⇝ Designing the board ⇝ Milling the board ⇝ Program the board

Last week, I wanted to make a board with a gyroscope but the sensor had to arrive by mail and it was too late. So I have decided to mix inpout and output this week.
The goal is to make a gauge with CharliePlexing (O) triggered by gyroscope (I).

Schematic and board
Here's the components I needed:

For designing the CharliePlexing parts, I use this tutorial. I wanted to have a straight line of LEDs. So I change it from:


Here's the schematic:

For the board I struggled a bit like always. I decided to put some 0 ohm resistor to make some jump. Making boards reminds me this game, The Witness:

Final board:

I'm ready for milling!.