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Final Project

Project Principle ideas

Industrial Solution

Fabricators Solution

Makers Solution

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

2D and 3D Modeling

Light Work Ergonomics

2D Drawing with General Dimensions

X-ray Rendered Table 3D Model

Ghost Rendered Adapter 3D Model

Laser Mockup




Project Progress

Receiving Wood Boards

Cutting Table Bottom Slots for Bending

Soaking Table Bottom in Water to Help with Bending

Assembling Table Sides with Feet

Adding Front Side

Adding Top Shelf

Adding Table Top Support

Adding Table Top Surface

Table Top Surface can be Configured in Different Layouts

Other Table Top Surface Possible Layout

Complete Table Top Surface Layout

3D Printing Hoses Adapter

Removing and Cleaning Support Material

3D Printed Hoses Adapter

Inspecting 3D Printed Hoses Adapter Outer Dia.

Inspecting 3D Printed Hoses Adapter Inner Dia.

Code Example

Code controlling PIR Motion Sensor, LED Light Strip and Vacuum Machine

PCB Design & Production

PCB Schematic Design

PCB Board Drawing

PCB Board Milling

PCB Electronics Parts Assembled

PCB Board Trials & Correction

Testing Code & Connections

Assembling LED Lights Strip and PIR Sensor Assembling

Reviewing & Trouble Shooting PCB Design


3D Printed Hoses Adapter

Last update: June 16, 2021