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3. Computer Aided design

Worked on defining my final project idea and started my 2D Design and 3D Modeling with Autocad and Rhino CAD software.

RHINOCEROS 7 for Windows

Below are some files that I worked on cAD software

* Grinding Table Adapter Test Rhino 3D File
* Grinding Table Adapter Rhino 3D File
* Grinding Table Model Rhino 3D File
* Grinding Table Joint 28 2D DXF File
* Grinding Table Laser Test 2D DXF File
* Grinding Table 2D DXF File
* Heptastar Mold Rhino 3D File
* 3D Modeling Rhino 3D File
* Laser Modular 2D DXF File

Rhino commands

Rhino7 Command Box

Rhino7 Command Chamfer

Rhino7 Command Copy

Rhino7 Command Explode

Rhino7 Command Extrude

Rhino7 Command Join

Rhino7 Command Move

Rhino7 Command Polyline

Rhino7 Command Rotate

Rhino7 Command Trim

Above illustrations are for essential functions of Rhino7 that I used most in creating my CAD model for my final project, which also includes description for each function and how to use it.

Rhino7 Grinding Table 3D Model

This illustration shows my final project Grinding Table 3D model which I made using Rhino7.

Rhino7 Grinding Table Adapter 3D Model

This illustration is for Hoses Adapter 3D model which I also made using Rhino7, that is part of the Grinding Table used to connect either the ShopVac or the Dust Collector to create down draft on table surface.


I used AUTOCAD software for designing 2D parts that I will use in Laser cutting my modular parts

AUTOCAD Drawing Triangle using Triangle function

AUTOCAD Drawing Rotating using Rotate function

AUTOCAD Drawing Filleting using fillet function

AUTOCAD Drawing Trimming using Trim function

Above illustrations are for commands I used AUTOCAD software in making my 2D design for modular parts.

Last update: August 27, 2022