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3. Computer Aided design

Worked on defining my final project idea and started my 2D Design and 3D Modeling with Autocad and Rhino CAD software.

RHINOCEROS 7 for Windows

Grinding Table Adapter Test Rhino 3D File
Grinding Table Adapter Rhino 3D File
Grinding Table Model Rhino 3D File
Grinding Table Joint 28 2D DXF File
Grinding Table Laser Test 2D DXF File
Grinding Table 2D DXF File
Heptastar Mold Rhino 3D File
3D Modeling Rhino 3D File
Laser Modular 2D DXF File

Rhino commands

Rhino7 Command Box

Rhino7 Command Boolean

Rhino7 Command Chamfer

Rhino7 Command Copy

Rhino7 Command Explode

Rhino7 Command Extrude

Rhino7 Command Join

Rhino7 Command Move

Rhino7 Command Polyline

Rhino7 Command Rotate

Rhino7 Command Trim

Rhino7 Grinding Table 3D Model

Rhino7 Grinding Table Adapter 3D Model


AUTOCAD Drawing Triangle

AUTOCAD Drawing Rotating

AUTOCAD Drawing Filleting

AUTOCAD Drawing Trimming

Last update: June 21, 2021