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2. Project management

Coding with Gitbash for My Website management

what is Gitbash? Git is a free & open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed & efficiency

why I need it? following commands are used to publish my website

git clone: used to copy created folder to my Computer

git add a: to add all modified files

git commit: to stage changes

git push: to push modified files to my Website

Using GitLab for My Account management

what is Gitlab

GitLab is an collaborative platform used by organizations to plan, build, secure and deploy software by it’s teams while maintaining consistency and traceability.

why you use it for

It’s used for tracking all changes made to files and syncing them with servers in tracked manner using commits. This process is called version control.

Set up


  • Mardkwon documentation

markdown cheat sheet


Last update: June 26, 2022