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18. Wildcard week

I have chosen to do Plastic injection molding as my Wildcard. For this assignment I’m using an existing mold for an electronic device housing and I will use available injection molding machine at TECHWORKS - Amman.


The machine I used is xxx and have following specs:

Manufacturer --------------- Medium Machinery, LLC
Model ---------------------- Benchtop Injection Molding Machine
Max Shot Capacity --------- 2oz(56g)
Min Power ------------------ 10A @ 120V
Max Temperature ----------- 600F(315C)
Min Air Flow ---------------- 4.5cfm(128lm)
Max Mold Size -------------- 8x10x4.5in(200x250x110mm)
Max Clamping Force ------- 12tons
Max Pressure --------------- 13,500psi(9490tons/m2) @ 90psi(6.2bar) air
Machine Dimensions ------- 16x22x50in(410x560x1270mm)
Machine Weight ------------ 170lb(77kg)
Origin of Manufacture ------ United States of America

Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine connected to Air Compressor & Air Dryer

Electronic Temperature Controller for the Injection Molding Machine

Setting Plastic melting temperature on The Injection Molding Machine

PPE needed when operating The Injection Molding Machine are Safety Glasses and Leather Gloves

Injection Mold Core & Cavity for molding Electronic device Housing

When mold is closed, we can see the Sprue Bush where molten plastic will pass throu and fill the gap between Core and Cavity and soldifies after cooling down and taking the shape of Core & Cavity

Here we can see The Injection Nozzel where molten plastic is released from the Injection Molding Machine into The Mold

Injection Molding Machine Plastic Nozzle close up

When set temperature is reacheded

We release a small amount of plastic to help with centering the plastic mold

Loading the plastic mold into The Injection Molding Machine

Now we clamp the mold after centering the Sprue bush with the injection nozzle

And now we can start plastic injection process

We first check the air connection between injection machine and air dryer while inspecting the air pressure in the air cmopressor tank is more than 6bar

Then we press air switch to start injecting plastic into the mold

After injecting plastic into the mold we remove from the injection machine after releasing the hydraulic pressure from upper cylinder first then releasing the hydraulic pressure from lower cylinder

Mold to be opened and plastic parts removed from the mold

Process to be repeated to reach required number of parts

Final injected plastic part

Last update: September 5, 2022