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13. Applications and implications

Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered, answering:

     What will it do?

The prroject is inteded to contain all dust and debri from all types of grinding in dedecated area with self start Shopvac/Dust Collector and LED lights for work area illumination when approaching the Grinding Table, and automatic switch off when departing the working place.

By doing this the Grinding Table provides an ergonomic, safe and clean work place while saving energy, time and being convenient to users and envoirement.

     Who's done what beforehand?

     What will you design?

Grinding Table design concept is to be ergonomic to users and limits the spread of dust and debri to surrounding area and to air by having top panel, high sides and perforated table top, and to avoid having sharp or staight edges to decrease injuries in case of accidantes. Also, Grinding Table size was decided upon the availavle space for the table and to fit within standard 4’ X 8’ board with minimum waste and number of boards.

Also, table design incorporates special joints design that are hidden and invisible while giving good joints connection and rigidty without essintial need for mechanical fixing.

Also the design included triangle foot that embed eveery two table side panel legs in one corner to help with table stability and integrity.

As well the table top is divided to 4 panels that are removable, two big panels at left and righ sides and two small panels at center section for easy cleaning and accomaditing different part shapes and sizes.

     What materials and components will be used?

Grinding Table is made from CNC cut 18mm Ply(laminated) Wood Boards for main table panels, 3Dprinted hoses adapter and electronnics box from PLA Filament, Laser cut cover for the LED strip from Neon Acrylic Sheets, Milled PCB board from Copper on Fibre Plates, CRGB LED strip, Relay, Power supply and PIR Sensor.

     Where will come from?

All materials are sourced locally.

     How much will they cost?

Total cost of parts and materials is below 200.0 USD.

     What parts and systems will be made?

Table panels, LED strip covers, Hoses adapter, Electronics box and PCB board are all made in TECHWORKS.

     What processes will be used?

CNC Routing for wood panels, Computer controlled Laser Cutting for LED strip covers, Computer controlled Milling for PCB Board, FDM 3Dprinting for Hoses Adapter and Electronics box, Soldering for PCB Board components.

     What questions need to be answered?

     How will it be evaluated?

  Your project should incorporate 2D and 3D design,
     additive and subtractive fabrication processes,
     electronics design and production,
     embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming,
     system integration and packaging
  Where possible, you should make rather than buy
     the parts of your project
  Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual
     mastery of the skills, and be independently operable

Last update: July 20, 2022