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Final Project Project Idea

During my first week at Fab Academy @Techworks I was asked to define my final project idea. I thought of developing a machine for the lab to empower users and makers of Amman and my attention focused on the world of the bending machines

First Idea: Bending Machine


After some research I realized I was actually more interested in developing a more useful tool for the lab and I found out that prototyping an interactive grinding table would have been also a great project to explore several digital fabrication processes at once.

Final Idea: Interactive Grinding Table

Why making an interactive grinding table? Since started working in TECHWORKS-Amman we had some issues with finishing and grinding wood, metals and 3D printed parts, where we usualy do this job in different locations around the Lab causing a lot of chaos and contamination. Also, to have an econemical solution for the local community instesd of industrial expensive products in the market.

Inspiration and research

grinding table sketch

I got inspired from the existing grinding tables that have been used in the metal and wood instrustries for years, and by Niel qoute ” make your furniture ”


early sketch grinding table sketch


Last update: September 8, 2022