B. Concept & Idea

1. Overviews

Product Name : Geodrop (Geo Drop)


Geo Drop is the machine that makes the artworks automatically by dropping the liquid colored inks at the appropriate position on the paper. The Drop position is controlled by using CoreXY platform which is the slider mechanism applying to 3D printer and Pen Plotter.
The most outstanding feature of Geodrop is that Geodrop receives GPS data (mainly the data of Longitude, Latitude, Altitude) which is sent from a smartphone and plots inks based on those GPS data. That means the painting is different depend on where I am.

Sketch of my final project

3D overview of Geodrop

How does it works

  • Step 1
    Go on a trip to somewhere with your smartphone.

    • You only have your smartphone. Geodrop is put on the special table in your house.
  • Step 2
    Push the start button at the destination of your trip by using the application for smartphone.
    (The app. send your location data to the main controller board in Geo Drop.)

  • Step 3
    Main board converts those GPS data to 10 - 20 points of dropping position info., and drop inks at the converted positions on the paper.
    (The position control of an ink nozzle are done by CoreXY platform, and pump system with DC motor is used for sending inks.)

  • Step 4
    Congratulations! As you get back to your home, the artworks is already completed. Enjoy your artworks!!

2. Components

Nozzle, CoreXY system, Application on Smartphone, Main Computer, Table, Electronics Circuit

Nozzle & pump system

The syringe is fulfilled by the colored liquid ink and drops inks. The amount of dropped inks is controlled by the pump system with DC motor. More syringes might be added to increase a degree of freedom for color expression.

CoreXY system

CoreXY system determines the dropping point for x, y, and z axes. It consists of the Stepper Motor, belt, pole, and holders as shown in the below image. The stepper motor and belt are used to give the force to the syringe parts and to adjust its position. The outside frame is made by assembling the poles and the holders.

Application to send GPS data

Smartphone can get your location information data with its GPS sensor. So I make the application to send it to the main computer, and to turn on / off the machine. Emergency stop button is also attached just in.

Main Computer Board

Micro controller in the main machine receives your location information data with GPS from the smartphone and converts them to x-y-z direction data.

Circuit Diagram


To put the CoreXY system, I’ll make the table. I plan to make it by using CCM. This table has roll parts which can roll up the paper.

X. Nozzle & Pump

The pump system is used to control the drop of the colored inks