10. Applications and Implications


individual assignment:

Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered below requirements,


What will it do?

I plan to make the machine that makes the artworks automatically by dropping the liquid colored inks on the paper. I called it, Geodrop. The Drop position is controlled by using CoreXY platform which is the slider mechanism applying to 3D printer and Pen Plotter.
The most outstanding feature is that the machine receives GPS data which is sent from a smartphone and plots inks based on those GPS data. That means the painting is different depend on where I am.

System Configuration

Circuit scheme

Flow Chart (CoreXY)

Who’s done what beforehand?

Drawing Machine is also the drawing machine that draws the abstract artwork by using stepping motors. And Pen Plotter uses the same positioning technique, using CoreXY system. But I’ve never seen the example of applying the GPS data-based controlling system to those machine and it’s also one of the outstanding features for Geodrop.

Links - the outcomes that someone achieved beforehand
Drawing Machine
Pen Plotter

What will you design?

Firstly, here are all systems which I’m planning to make for my final project.
Nozzle & pump system / CoreXY system / Application to send GPS data / Computing Board / Table / Logo (Completed)

Here are the part that I plan to design by myself.
I applied Spiral Development technique for planning what I’m going to design by myself.

  • Spiral Dev. 1
Systems Parts Materials Process
Nozzle & Pump System Syringe support parts Plastic 3D Printing
CoreXY System Outer frame MDF Laser Cutting
Computing Board Main controlling board with WiFi Barduino 2.0 based PCB PCB Making
Embedded Programming Programs for controlling:
WiFi communication / Stepper motors / Servo motor
Arduino IDE or C Programming
Ink-flow controller module Servo motor
Driver IC
PCB Making
Logo Seal paper Vinyl Cutting
  • Spiral Dev. 2
    In addition to the above:
Systems Parts Materials Processes
CoreXY System Support parts at corner Plastics 3D printing
App. for Sending GPS Data Code by Processing Processing Programming
Computing Board Driver modules for stepper motors Stepper motor
Driver IC
PCB Making
Table Legs Veneer Plywood CNC Router

What materials and components will be used?

End Effector

Parts Spec. Buy or Make Cost (JPY) Amount (PCS) Total Cost (JPY)
Syringe support parts Plastic by 3D printing Make - 1 -
Colored liquid ink Watercolors
12 colors
Buy 645 1 645

CoreXY System

Parts Spec. Buy or Make Cost (JPY) Amount (PCS) Total Cost (JPY)
Stepper motor NEMA-17 Buy 2883 2 5766
Shaft SUJ2
φ 4.0 x 400 mm
Buy 1390 4 5560
Timing belt pulley φ 5 mm, 16 Gears Buy 135.8 10 1358
Linear Bush LM-8UU
φ 8 mm, H = 24 mm
Buy 279 8 2232
Collar φ 5 mm, L = 5mm Buy 86 10 860
Belt 3m Buy 1260 1 1260
Screw M3 x 40
15 pcs
Buy 549 1 549
Nut M3
110 pcs
Buy 429 1 429
Washer M3
34 pcs
Buy 399 1 399
Spring Washer M3
610 pcs
Buy 419 1 419
Support parts at side slider Plastic Make
3D printing
- 2 -
Support parts at corner Plastic Make
3D printing
- 4 -
Outer frame MDF Make
Laser cutting
150 3 450

Computing Board

Systems Parts Spec. Buy or Make Cost (JPY) Amount (PCS) Total Cost (JPY)
Main Controller Satshakit cnc Make
Power Supply Modules Make
Motor driver modules Make


System Parts Spec. Buy or Make Cost (JPY) Amount (PCS) Total Cost (JPY)
Table Veneer Plywood Processed by CNC Router Buy 3000 2 6000
Top board Make 1
Leg1 Make 2
Leg2 Make 2
Circle_Handling Make 2
Circle_Support Make 2
Pole_Handling Make 2
Pole_Support Make 2
Pole_Rolling Make 2
Support Part Make 2
Support Block Make 4
Drawer MDF Make
Laser cutting
150 1 150


Systems Parts Spec. Buy or Make Cost (JPY) Amount (PCS) Total Cost (JPY)
Logo seal Processed by Vinyl Cutting Make 1
Seal paper 100 x 50cm Buy 540 1 540
Laminator 100 x 50cm Buy 540 1 540

Total Cost = 27157 yen

Mmh, too much cost…

*Exchange rate: 1 USD = 108.620 JPY (2020/4/3 23:44 Ref.)

Where will come from?

Please see What materials and components will be used? part.

How much will they cost?

Please see What materials and components will be used? part.

What parts and systems will be made?

Please see What will you design? part.

What processes will be used?

Please see What materials and components will be used? part.

How much will it take a time to make?

Process Time (day)
Think the design & concept of the product 3-5
3D modeling of the product 2-3
PCB design and making 4-5
Core XY 7
Table(with a drawer) 5
Integration 3
Total 24-28

I think it takes more time for people who make it for the first time. Actually, it took more time for me to make it…
And you need to think about the lead time of supplying the materials, especially it took a long time for me to prepare the materials of Core XY.

How difficult could be to replicate your project?

The designs of the table and core XY are relatively simple and easy to make as well as the PCB design. I think programming would be the most difficult part in my final product.
For the first idea, I wanted to make the artworks by dropping the several colored inks (Motor control) with the algorithm which creates 10 - 15 drop points (simple algorithm) based on the GPS data (WiFi communication).
But actually, I’ve only done that the machine drops the one colored ink at the point(End effector of Core XY couldn’t move around the drawing space)…

What questions need to be answered?

  • Technical things
    • Do I need Pump?
    • How should I use input devices
      I may use light sensor and temp. sensor to recognize night and day or more detail. Or I use switch for input device.

How will it be evaluated?

  • What percentage did I complete to make my final project?
    Each process and function should be evaluated. So I’d like to evaluate along with the below aspects;
    WiFi Communication, Data Conversion, Output control (CoreXY, Pump), Table

  • Beauty of appearance of my final project
    I’d like to check how much the appearance of the machine is cool. It’s almost about design issue. At the academy, I’ll evaluate it by myself, and then someone like my friend will evaluate it.

Project’s Composition:

  • Your project should incorporate 2D and 3D design, additive and subtractive fabrication processes, electronics design and production, embedded microcontroller, interfacing and programming, system integration and packaging.
  • Where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project.
  • Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable.


Where will the input device be incorporated on my final project?
Switch is one of the input device so Sashatkit already has the slide switch on that board as the mode switching. I think that meets the requirement but if I have enough time to add the other input devices, I’d like to add the photosensor to sense the brightness of my house and reflect it to the artworks that the machine makes.