18. Project Development

Complete your final project, tracking your progress:

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Completed Tasks

  • Nozzle and Pump system
    Checked to drive the motor and its driver module.

  • CoreXY
    Complete the 3D design of overview
    Supplied the parts to make CoreXY

  • Programming
    No progress…

  • Table
    Cut almost parts
    Not assemble them yet

  • Circuit Integration
    Drew the overview of the integration of PCBs
    Made some of the PCBs that I use

  • Mechanical Integration
    No progress…

Remained Tasks

I summarized the remained tasks at spread sheet to see the picture of my tasks and am going to manage them.

See image: jpg

what’s working? what’s not?


  • Got GPS data from my smartphone using Blynk app., Arduino UNO and my PC

  • Drove a DC pump motor and a stepper motor using Arduino UNO and the motor module in class kit

Not Worked

  • Operate motors with PCB that I made

  • Operate GPS data receiver module that I made

  • Operate CoreXY

  • Incorporate the function to receive GPS data and convert it to the coordinate data on CoreXY to the code

what questions need to be resolved?

  • How do I incorporate to operate CoreXY based on the GPS data into the code.
    I don’t understand even the structure of the code yet.

  • Where should I add the storage space of PCBs and Ink cartridge?

what will happen when?

  • June 13: 3D print the parts for CoreXY, Mill the motor module board x 2 (and if possible, also power supply module)

  • June 14: Cut the outframe of CoreXY by laser cutting

  • June 20: Cut the rest parts using CNC router and build a table

  • June 27 or 28: Mill the main board (Satsha-kit)

  • July 12: Check the whole operation( Receiving GSP data, Converting them to coordinate data on CoreXY, operate CoreXY based on the GPS data)

  • July 15: Complete the integration, and the presentation

what have you learned?

I learned a lot from Fab Academy2020; what material should I choose to make parts, what PCB does it needed to realize my final project. How to integrate them.

but most difficult thing for me is programming. I couldn’t understand the code to control coreXY using two of stepper motor.

And I believe that learning the way of manage the large scale of project supports for me to proceed the lecture and making my final project though the whole weeks.