About me

Hi! I’m Kazuki Yanome, 25 years old. I live in Nagano, Japan and work for the manufacturing company there. In Fab Academy, I’d like to learn a lot about Digital Fabrication and hopefully make or join the Fab-community and keep the relationship between us beyond the country.

1. Background

College Life

My student life in college was so great and satisfying. I had a lot of experiences: studied most I’ve ever done, wrote some articles about my study, joined the conference and made a presentation about my study, and so on. Those experiences helped me develop my skills and career.

Fig. (Left) BBQ with My Lab Member, (Right) International Thin Film Conference: TACT 2017

Study in College

I graduated from Material Science and Engineering Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan and learned about the interaction between material and light at nano scale there, especially about Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).

My study in college is to enhance the light emission from the emitter like LED or OLED by (Localized) SPR of Ag nano-structure[1] [2]. SPR can generate by matching the frequencies of the light and the collective oscillations of free electrons in metal nano-structure, and it can highly enhanced the intensity of light from the emitter.

Fig. (Left) Light Emission From the Organic Light Emitter: Alq3, (Right) Emission Intensity of the light at several

That frequency of free electrons can be controlled by the size and shape of metal nano structure. In my study, the geometric pattern of Ag triangles at nano scale can be made by nano sphere lithography (NSL) method for which Polystyrene (PS) nano beads were used as the mask of a lithography. We can control the size of Ag triangles by changing the diameter of PS beads - that means we can control the oscillation frequency of free electrons as it matches with the frequency of the light from the emitter.

Fig. (Left) Silver Nano Triangles , (Right) 2D Self-Organized PS Beads Film

This enhancement effect of the light can be applied to bio sensor, microscope, and optical devices such as LED and OLED that needs to increase the weak light from the emitter at nano scale.

[1] K. Yanome, T. Kiba et al. Journal of Elec. Materials Vol. 46 pp. 3873, 2017 Spectroscopic and Photoluminescent Properties of Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO) and IZO/Ag/IZO Sandwiched Film

[2] K. Yanome, T. Kiba et al. Thin Solid Film Vol. 660 pp. 907, 2018 Photoluminescence enhancement of tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum thin film by plasmonic Ag nanotriangle array fabricated by nanosphere lithography

2. Now - Current Work

I’m an engineer at manufacturing company in Japan which makes many kinds of mechanical parts, especially I make a fan motor for the cooling system in my devision. Actually, I’m responsible for launching a mass production model from a sample, so I have to arrange the schedule of sample and mass product making. So I spend most of my time giving instructions to make a fan motor properly to Sales div. and Mass Production div.

I enjoy my job and there are a lot of things I want to learn from my job. but I also think that I’d like to do more creative things because I always do what is already planed and make the products already established the design. I sometimes feel boring for my job.

Fig. (Left) Hanami with people in the company, (Right) With My Colleague

3. My Interests

My interests;
Art (Abstract painting, Generative art, Geometric Pattern), Digital Fabrication, Technology


I really got interested in the art since I watched the movie of Drawing Machine on Instagram last year. But I’m really bad at drawing something by my own hand. And one day, I found that “ Then I’ll draw it by using computer, or make the machine which draws something instead of me!! (both physically and digitally)”. The computer machine draws, not me~.

Fig. Beautiful artworks that I love (Left) SURFING - Pierre Bellemare, (Center) No name - Martin Whatson, (Right) Strange Attractor - Parametricbeauty on Instagram

Fig. My artworks (studying based on some references.)

Digital Fabrication

I think Digital Fabrication would become kind of the tool or skill for me to express my feelings. I’d like to make Drawing Machine or Expression Machine that draw or express my feelings physically instead of me. It might be interesting if I can make my artwork using the local Fab facilities while I travel abroad.


I’m interested in Technology, especially things that have the big impact for our life like AI, IoT, XR(includes AR, VR, and MR.), and so on. Actually, this interests to technology is the reason why I knew Digital Fabrication.

4. What I Want to Learn at Fab Academy

Here is what I want to learn at Fab Academy2020:
1. Art and Design 2. Fab Tool and Its Skills 3. Community 4. How Does Things Work 5. English.

I’d like to introduce two things in those here.

Art and Design

  • Goal - Make a “Good” thing.
  • Theory - Find out the elements that makes a good thing be good.
  • Practice - Learn how to design thing to make it better and deploy it to the world.


  • Goal - Make or join a community: Digital Museum.
  • Theory - Extract its essence from the community which is functioning well.
  • Practice - Make concrete my idea, Tell it, Gather people.