17: mechanical & machine design

Group Assignment

The assignment for this week was to: - design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation - build the mechanical parts and operate it manually - actuate and automate your machine - document the group project and my individual contribution

Our group decided to make a CNC cupcake batter dispenser. You can view the whole process on our group page here.

As far as my individual contributions go, my peer Elaine Liu and I worked together to cover the CAD work for the project. After discussing the basis of how we thought the machine should be laid out, I began designing a part on Fusion360. The first part I designed was a basic bracket that the stepper motor would go in.

Mid way through designing, we thought that using a CoreXY gantry system would be better suited towards using GRBL, so we briefly changed courses. Elaine sketched out what the gantry would look like and I began designing the platform (yes this was us working on FaceTime during quarantine lol).

Upon realizing that GRBL did not require using the CoreXY system and that it would be more complicated if we used the CoreXY design,we switched back to our original idea and began designing. Here are the three bodies that I designed.

Elaine then created a simulation from them:

After designing the pieces, I helped 3D print them and assemble the machine.