About me

Welcome! My name is Alexandra Coston, and I am a sophomore at Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been involved in engineering since middle school, participating in the eCybermission competition in sixth grade and taking the offered engineering courses at my school since seventh grade. I am really interested in STEM and hope to pursue a career in a STEM field. I like biology, math, and mechanical engineering.

Here is a link to my High School Digital Portfolio.

My background

I have a very diverse background. My mother is white American and was born in Russia and my father is African American and was born in Maryland. I grew up speaking Russian and as a result really like learning languages. I have an older sister (who is also a graduate of FabAcademy) and a cat named Daisy.

My hobbies

In my free time outside the lab, I enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends, and above all, listening to music. I like going to yoga, organizing, and playing the violin and ukulele. I also enjoy learning more hobbies, such as gardening and sewing. ‚Äč