8. Computer controlled machining

Group assignment

Individual assignment

since I’m getting used to Fusion 360 , I designed my model on it, which is a simple table that has multiple parts.

3D design

I started by setting up the design’s parameters and make them unified, set up the thickness in 12mm which is the thickness of wood that we have in the lab.

Then, I created a sketch as the foundation Ill build the design on it.

To create the legs, select the spot and click press pull then drag it up

On top of it I landed the bottom of the shelf.

And then I created anther sketch , which I will design the top and the sides of the shelf.

To design the top shelf I copied the bottom and did these settings above

Thats how it turns;

After that, I selected the place I want my sides to be and extrude with these settings;

That was for one side, mow to the other just copy and do this

Here what it should be look

After adding the rest of the legs :P

Now to make the parts connecting to each other I added the joints on the shelf sides and on the legs

Here is the table after finishing it out :

<<<<<<< HEAD And This is the 3D design file: =======


CNC Machine