2. Project management

In this week assignment I have to build my own website that i describe myself and upload my assignments in it. Since I have no experince in any, I started by learining the basics of html, and did a very basic page.

Upload the website

First I siged up in Gitlab where I document my work,And to upload my files to the archive I downloaded this gitbash since its a mac version. Next I have used the terminal directly to install git. And then, to generate an ssh key which was done through the terminal

The next step was cloning the raspitory using the SSH key avilable in my gitlab profile to my laptop, so I followed these steps in the terminal:

  • cd hawra-alrahma
  • git config –global user.name “hawra65”
  • git config –global user.email “hawra99@hotmail.com”
  • git config –global push.default simple

After following these steps for the first time, I have to do other steps to archive any changes I do:

cd ~/hawra-alrahma

  • To pull changes

git pull

  • To add my changes

git add –all

  • pushing the work

git push

After doing all these steps now I have my own website that I upload/edit all my work in it.