Welcome to my profile

I’m Hawra Khalid from Bahrain. I study electrical engineering at University of Bahrain in my third year, My thrill to knowledge and hardworking attitude granted me a place in many conferences and competitive university courses, I have been exposed to beneficial electronic, IT, mathematics and music courses since I’m passionate about it. Learning alone is not a goal of mine as I strive to benefit others as well. I enjoy passing the knowledge I gained to my colleagues and to anyone with interest for all of us to succeed together. My teamwork attitude, punctuality in meeting the deadline, ability to handle pressure, and multitasking have been admired by my Professors and colleagues. To pursue the engineering career I seek, I have applied for Fab Lab Academy for further development of my knowledge, the unique experience it gives and to sharpen my engineering skills. amd I believe that enrolling in fab lab academy will grant me a position in the career I pursue whilst making remarkable experience.

Here’s a picture of the conference I went to

This is another caption IEEE middle east & north africa communications conference that was held in the diplomat radisson blu hotel,in which the outstanding electrical and electoric engineering students were chosen by the university in order to attend the event. The conference was discussing the current status of communication technology, and its future prospects, particulary the techniques of the 5th genration challenges and applications