4. Computer controlled cutting

For this week assignment we were ask to create a 2d design that its pressfit and print it out with the laser cutter. As I’m a beginner in the designing , I created a very simple object that it mint to be a robot, and I used fusion 360 to model it.

group assignment:

Check the following link.

parametric design

First of all, I set up a width parametric that its perfect to join which we discover after some experiment in the lab laser cutter .

Now I’m ready to start modelling. I started by drawing some rectangle and circle shapes. Then, I draw a small 2 and 3 points rectangles around the shapes so I can fit them together later. After that, I’ve trim the extras. Next, I set up the width by easily typing the letter “w” which I previously save it as a standard width parametric.

Now I’m ready to cut them out.

laser cutting!

Before cutting it , I have to save the file as an DXF file then send it to the computer that its connected to the laser cutter. After that I import it in a software called “RDworks” .

Now, I need to set up the speed and the power of the printing so it fit with the machine, and after some exterminating with the group, we figure that 20 mm\s is the perfect speed and 25% is the perfect power percentage.

After setting up all the pieces in the same settings, I had to delete some files from the machine since its fit 99 files and its full. So after that, I finally download the file to the laser cutting machine. First I put the material inside the machine and then set up the origin place. Next, I clicked frame to make sure that the cutting will be inside the material not in the edges or above. After making sure that every thing is set up, I clicked enter to start cutting. When its get ready , I had to wait a few seconds so the suction suck all the smoke.

This is the final look after I take it off and fitting it together.

and this is another way how i assembled it

vinyl cutting:

I want to create a sticker that I will stick it in my laptop or here in the lab. So, I started to search for some cute images since I don’t draw and I found a bunch of nice stuff, I selected a cute cat from here , and save it in order to make some changes on it.

Next, I opened the image in “GIMP” to edit it and add some details and text.

After finishing the edit, I export the file from “xcf” to “dxf” file. Then, upload it to a software called “silhouette studio” , where I edited the height to be higher and the width changed automatically fitting with the height.

Then I connected the vinyl cutter to the computer and set up the material and the action. After choosing the material , the software suggested the force value which is one, but since our machine is old and the cutter is getting inside , I took the value two.

Now its ready to cut.

I taped the material in a supporting hard-paper.

And put it inside the vinyl where the process begin.

It took around 8 minutes to finish it out and below how it looked like after cutting;

Then I removed the extras which I don’t want it;

Finally I put a clear sticky paper on the top of my sticker and flip it, then I stick it in the lab wall and slowly removed the sticky paper.