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15. Mechanical design

This week all the members of the remote FabAcademy have move to Leon´s FabLab. There we have been designing and creating the structure of a machine!.


We have done a great research among all the machine projects of the last 2 years. Those were the machines that we liked it:

Finally we decided to make a vertical lathe with different heads to generate things!!

Previous sketches

Here are some of the brain storming trying to use the Nadia Modules to simplify our design and adapting those to our one.


We have divide the machine in some parts and everyone has designing one part of the machine. In my case, I have been doing the Base. For that task, we decided a surface maximum of 20x20cm of area inscribed in a circle. We also like to produce a DIY bearing with marbles.

So lets start with a simple but smart way to use the less material possible.

As you can see, we have decided to make joints as we have seen in laserCutting week, like a puzzle. Here you can see a explode view of whole parts

In the Group website you will find all the process, with the explanations of my partners, Alejandro Ulecia, Elena Cardiel, German Colomar. - Group Assignment web machine

Then this is the result of the machine as we have design it.

Here is the file to download it:

Let´s produce it

The fabrication method we have selected is laser Cutting but we have considered to include some parts 3D printed. Here are the .dxf files to cut the models

Finally results

Here a stop motion video of how we assembled the structure of the machine together:

I hope you enjoy it!

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