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13. Applications and implications

The truth is that FabAcademy, has been more hard and fast that I could imagine. I hope all this time I use for the course don´t hire me to my job. We had a free week and I used it to complete the rest of assignments that were incomplete.

Week planification

This week I would like to wait a little bit to think in my final project and think what I want to do, how and what I will need to achieve it.

At this point I had a lot of things to do yet, (modeling some parts, print in 3D, finish the electronics, programming my electronics, assembling and testing…)

I only had 7 weeks for a lot of task and I needed to document everything too!! I have worked in every assignments working a lot and very hard to achieve everyone but what I really found so difficult electronics part… So it took me a almost a month to achieve that part…

When I finished electronics I realized that I have a lot of late work to do…

To conclude my planification was good, but the experience was the opposite, because in a real time you have more problems that you believe.

Question to ask

What will it do?

I am going to do an artificial tumbleweed capable to spread seeds. This is the briefing of my project that summarize very good what I will do. As I have said before, this is an autonomous machine that is used for a simple purpose that is generate vegetation in those places abandoned by humans.

So I could catalog this project in one word: Environment because this is just the vehicle to achieve something bigger than the own project.

Who´s done what Beforehand?

I have inspired my self in those marvelous project:

this project of Massoud Hassani tries to avoid and explode mines in deserts and war areas with simple materials and cheap solutions, easily expendable
In this case I have found this project interesting because I want to generate an wind-powered tumbleweed so I will need some information about aerodynamics and joints.

What will you design?

My intention in this point is to design the whole project!! Maybe it is a little ambitious but I want it and some of the assignment I have done are connected with it. For example I have generate a machine in the week 8 to produce my tumbleweed. Now I will started to print the 3D pieces, and generate the PCB that works with my components and of course to check if the machine I have created to generate the artificial tumbleweed works as I want.

What materials and components will be used?

- Polypropylene rope
- Pla filament
- PLA filament
- 1x 9V power supply
- 1x dc motor
- PCB motor > 1x Attiny44; 2x 10kΩ resistor; 2x 1uF capacitor; 1x 10uF capacitor;
              1x Shunt voltage; 1x Motor Driver A4950; 1x 2x3 pin connector; 2x 2x2 pin connector;
- PCB accelerator > 1x Attiny45; 3x 10kΩ resistor; 2x 1uF capacitor; 1x ADXL343 accelerometer;
                    1x Shunt voltage; 1x 2x3 pin connector; 1x FTDI connector;
Nylon fabrics
PLA filament

This may changed after the Networking and communications and Interface and application programming weeks.

Where will come from?

All of those materials must come from local suppliers; In case it couldn´t be possible I will find electronics in RS components or DigiKey; and in Amazon as an online provider.

How much will they cost?

Material und/€ Unds Total
PLA filament 500g 10€ 1 10€
Polypropylene rope 15€ 1 15€
ATtiny44 0,64€ 1 0,64€
ATtiny45 0,92€ 1 0,92€
10kΩ resistors 0,09€ 5 0,45€
9V power supply 5€ 1 0,45€
1uF capacitor 0,15€ 4 0,60€
10uF capacitor 0,22€ 1 0,22€
Shunt voltage 0,61€ 2 1,22€
Accelerometer ADXL343 2,52€ 1 2,52€
Motor Driver A4950 2,66€ 1 2,66€
Pin connectors 2,4€ - 2,4€
Nylon fabrics (m2) 9€ 1 9€
Extras - 10€
Total 56,08€

what parts and systems will be made?

  • Skin structure
  • Core structure
  • Electronics

What processes will be used?

  • 3D and 2D models and draws will be done with Rhinoceros 3D
  • tumbleweed winder Machine, has being done with Milling machine
  • Core and extra pieces, will be printed in 3D machines
  • Electronics, will be milling in a Milling machine
  • The programming part will be developed in C code using Arduino
  • Nylon sails, will be cutting in a LaserCut machine

What tasks need to be completed?

I have practiced a little bit in the output weeks with the motor I am going to use, but I need to practices and try with accelerometers because I need to connected one motor output and an accelerometer input. For that reason I need to test how to do that in the following week in Networking and communications assignment. In that moment I could start to fabricate electronics and pcb I will need. While I can printed everything and starting with generating the tumbleweed skin.

What is the schedule?

Our instructor Nuria suggest me to present 12th of June, that means that I have a lot of things to do and a lot of things to learn. - Networking and communications. This week I am going to do the mechanical parts for the machine week because we are going to meet with our instructors in Leon that weekend, with only 2 days to do everything. - Mechanical design. As i am a remote student this assignment and the machine design week will be done the weekend before I hope so here I will recovery the last assignment of the networking and communication week. - Interface and application programming. I don’t know exactly what we are going to do this week - Machine design. This week I will recovery assignment that probably I need to complete - Wildcard week. I am still thinking how I am going to do this week… - Invention, intellectual property, and income. I don’t know exactly what we are going to do this week - Project development. - June 12th : Project presentation.

This is what I have done for the academy. In addiction I have to do all this steps for the final project in this order I just have a month to:

  1. make the external Skin
  2. print 3D Files
  3. buy the materials
  4. mill design and solder the PCB
  5. programing the board
  6. assembly
  7. Video and slide

So I need to make more than one per week to be successful

What questions to be answered?

  • The stiffness of the ball itself.
  • Wind as a power-source
  • How does the motor work spreading seeds.
  • How to fit all the electronic components, motors, and sensors in the core.
  • If I could develop enough those previous tasks maybe the Networking and communications.

How will it be evaluated?

Just asking if I have resolve all my purposes about “what questions to be answered”. If almost all of them are Ok it will be a successful project. Maybe Some parts like the accelerometer, I am more scared about that don’t be successful but I will need another thing to supply or change for it and it will be ok too.

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