During this 6-month experience doing Fabacademy, I have undoubtedly learnt many valuable skills that will help me with my work, hobbies and personal life. Many of those skills were obtained with the help of readily available open-source resources and previous proects made by the community. I have therefore decided to share my experience and details of my projects with the community so that others can replicate it or develope it further. I will highlight the details of the chosen open-source license in the following sections.
Types of open-source licenses
The creative commons license is the commonly used open-source licensing. There are several types of licenses are explained very well in the graph shown below which I obtained from this
There are other licenses such as the public domain or no rights reserved where the work is treated under the public domain's ownership and is no longer owned by the author.
I have personally chosen the createive commons attribution non-commercial share-alike license, as it alows the work to be used, developed and remixed for non-commercial purposes under the same license. As I have provided a full documentation with all the relevant files, all the projects can be fabricated by following the documentation as well as health and safety guidlines dealing with the machinery and chemicals used for the projects.
The future of my projects
Many of the projects, especially my final project, will not end at Fabacademy's graduation. I look forward to continue developing them and possible start a crowdfunding campaign to receive the required accreditation and health licensing for the smart rollator to be used by actual patients. Other projects such as the cajon or the spun chair, will be part of design collections that I will develop in the future.