Introduction and Brainstorming

Brainstorming for the Final Project
For my final project, I have decided to design and build a smart walker with a modular approach tailored for patients with hemoglobin deficiency and oxygen saturation problems. The technology implemented within the walker can be also integrated in other devices or standalone device that can be carried with you. My idea is to include features such as a socket to hold an oxygen canister, oximetry and heartbeat sensors on the handle as well as being able to calculate the distance moved and alert nearby persons if the patient has fallen or is in need of medical help.
I have sketched a few scribbles and sketches to get an idea of the direction I want the project to move.
I sketched the wheels aiming to design a high traction, all-terain wheel system without the need for air pressure or hard cast rubber. The inspiration for the wheels are airless tires that are being developed for cars and automobiles. The front and back wheel have different approaches due to different loads and to allow the walker to go up a step if needed without having to carry it up.
The handle will have a sensor built in and depending on which side the sensor is placed, the reading can be take from the thumb or index finger, increasing the modularity of the oximeter and HR sensor. Also the height of the handles can be changes. Two mechanisms are possible, either a pin and spring which fix into pre-drilled holes, or a tightening screw.

Brainstorming for mini-projects
I am a passionate percussionist and drummer, so for the week involving laser-cutting, I have decided on making my own cajon. The design is inspired by the shape of leaves and the patterns within them and is therefore called the leaf. To the right and left are a few sketches that I jotted down.