Fab Academy 2015

How to make (almost) anything

Week 1 - principles & practices, project management

Fab lab introduction, website construction and final project proposal.

Week 2 - computer-aided design

Model (draw, render, animate, simulate, ...) a possible final project.

Week 3 - computer-controlled cutting

Design, make, and document a press-fit construction kit.

Week 4 - electronics production

Make the FabISP in-circuit programmer

Week 5 - 3D scanning and printing

Design and print an object that could not be made subtractively. 3D scan an object

Week 6 - electronics design

Redraw the echo hello-world board, add (at least) a button and LED

Week 7 - embedded programming

Read a microcontroller data sheet. Program your board to do something, with as many different programming languages and programming environments as possible

Week 8 - computer-controlled machining

Make something big

Week 9 - molding and casting

Design a 3D mold, machine it, and cast parts from it

Week 10 - input devices

Add a sensor to a microcontroller board to measure something

Week 11 - output devices

Add an output device to a microcontroller board to do something

Week 12 - composites

Design and make a 3D mold (~ft2), and produce a fiber composite part in it

Week 13 - networking and communications

Design and build a wired &/or wireless network connecting at least two processors

Week 14 - interface and application programming

Write an application that interfaces with an input &/or output device

Week 15 - applications and implications

Propose a final project

Week 16 - machine design

Make a machine, including the end effector

Week 17 - invention, intellectual property, and income

Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project

Week 18 - project development and income

Final project development