week7 : embedded programming


Read the data sheet. Program your board to do something with many programming languages.

C code and python

First, I tried to send the C code that is on the FabAcademy webpage. It's a really simple echo program, but it's hard for me to understand how it works. To send this program on your board, first connect the board and ISP to the computer and launch the terminal and move the directly. For exmaple, I put the c file and make file in the Downloads folder, so type

"cd Downloads"

Then type

"make -f hello.ftdi.44.echo.c.make"

"sudo make -f hello.ftdi.44.echo.c.make program-usbtiny-fuses"


"sudo make -f hello.ftdi.44.echo.c.make program-usbtiny"

Actually I don't know what is exactly happen, but at least it described

"Thank you"

At this moment, the board has the program that echo the data from the computer. So we need to make something to send the data to the board on the computer. Neil also put the term.py program to do this. On terminal, type

"Python term.py /devicename/ 115200"

then it is lanuched and if it success, you can see the echo data. In the University I usually used the Arduino for my project, so I would like to use the Arduino code.


I folowed this web page and installed the settings of ATtiny44. Then, connect the FabISP and my board to the computer. Choose "ATtiny44A internal 8MHz" from "tool", "board". Also choose my board name that is connected to my computer, then choose "USBtinyISP" as "writer". The reason why I choose 8Mhz one even though the board has a 20 Mhz cristal is for communication to the computer(serial communication). When I tried to choose a 20MHz one and tried to communicate, it was too fast to do, so the computer couldn't catch any data.

About the program, the pins at ATtiny44 are different from Arduino ones, so we should check it.

Then push the upload button.

Programming the board

Actually the board is bored because it only has one button and one LED, so we can't make a complicated device. Because I used Arduino so many times, I really wanted to use other devices like LEDs, sensors, motors, servos and microphones. However, I also think even if I can use all of devices freely, it doesn't make it a fantastic one. Therefore, in this time, I'd like to try to make an usuful device within only one LED and one button.

Here is the sketch and then I got an idea: wearable Morse code watch. I made four holes for kintting it on my clothes, so first I tried to make something usuful for clothes. And I think Morse code is good for one LED device. I made the program, but it doesn't work now. If it work, I'll describe it.

All programs are here

Basic Arduino serial program in Attiny 44

Arduino Morse code watch code(Sorry,It doesn't work.)