week3 : computer-controlled cutting

So finally I came to Barcelona and take FabAcademy in FabLabBarcelona


Make a press-fit construction kit.


Niel told us you should use cardboards for making the kit because it's so cheap and easy to bend. After the video lecture and some local lectures, I tried to make like a hinge that allows to change the rotation. The joints look like pies and they have some holes for pinning its degree. So you can set the degree as you want and make something more freely.

The sketch


Then I use the illustrator to draw the model. The thickness of the cardboard is 3mm. However, when I make a 3mm hole for joint, it has some spaces and the joint will be unstable. Therefore, I try to make some of the thicknesses and see how thickness is best. Finally I figured out the best width is between 2.45 ~ 2.6mm.

Trying to fit


Orange is my construction kit that allows you decide the rotation of joints as you want. Because the joints and parts look like orange, I named it Orange.

How to play Orange

  1. Arrange the rotation of joints as you want.
  2. Insert 2 adjustments to the joints halls.
  3. Connect the joints and parts.
  4. Enjoy :)

Here is the files of Orange. You can download it and cut by a lasercutter. download .dxf file

About Lasercutter

In FabLab Barcelona, there are two lasercutters. One is Epilog's lasercutter that enables you to cut up to about A2. The other one is super big laser cutter that is about 2m * 3~4m. The big one is for cutting big things, so I used only small one. According to the FabWiki, to cut cardboards we should set the speed 55 and the power is 40. but once I did, the laser couldn't reach to the end. Additionally, the parameter might be changed by the condition of the lasercutter. So before cutting anythings, we need to make sure that the parameter is correct or not. Otherwise, you need to cut the rest of things with a cutter.

Test Material

I thought that can the lasercutter burn a bread? so just I tested it. here is the result. Speed is 88, the power is 16. The smell was acually not good, but as a result it succeeded.

All files in this week are here.

Orange illustrator file

Orange dxf file