week17 : invention, intellectual property, and income

For machine design assignments, see the 16th week page. Also I did the final project little bit. See final project page.

Assignments: develop a plan for dissemination of your final project

My final project is not only for me but also for all people who live over the distance. For example, grand mother and her grand chind can communicate more physically with uPappet(my final project). Also if the couple who lives over the distance can do a physical communication with it. And it's better than only Skype defenetly. In my opinion, the plan for dissemination should be the cloud funding first. Because the product is for individual persons and I would like the person who is not familiar with technology to use it. The other way is that I will make it as the open-source hardware. Because of the puppets, I think a lot of users want to change the form and charactors of the puppet. The good thing is that I use only basical components that the FabLab has all. So I will open all files including schematics, componets, application, program, materials and the pattern for outside of the puppet.