week1 : principles and practices, project management

Because the visa was not issued in time, I wasn't at the FabLab Barcelona and couldn't take the local lecture. Thansks for Ferdi: the local instructor of the FabLab Barcelona, I saw the video steaming via my laptop in Japan. In this documentation, it describes what I learned from the video and what I did for assginments of this week.

A history and a future of the Digital Fabrication

First, Neil teached us about the history of the Digital Fabrication and computing. Since Neumann created the basic computer, the computer has been developing smarter and smaller. The first computer is too big for a person to use and only particular people could use it. But nowadays, everyone can use each smartphones including a tiny high performance computer.

On the other hand, talking about the digital fabrications, 20 years ago, the fabrication machines were also too big and it costs over 10 thousands dollars. the perticular people could use these as well. Now, they are small and even chap. Therefore we can make almost anything in only one room. Neil illustrates the future that all of things are made by machines and then they are appeared in front of people immidiately. Now the FabLab follows the same process of the computer.


Mercurial is similar to the Git but I think it is more safety for developing programs with a lot of people. It has not only a central repository but also each private repositories. Because of private repository, they don't need to fear the "merge" command.


1. Make a website for the documentation of FabAcademy and the final project.

I made this website by Bootstrap that are the CSS and js libraries. Basically it is for webapplications, but if you use the grid systems, it's really good way to design the website.

2. Sketch the final project.

see the category of the final project.

3. Use Mercurial and upload the website to the archives.

After watching the steaming lecture, I read some introductions about Mercurial. (shown as below: http://fabacademy.org/archives/2015/doc/mercurial_basics_and_resources.html) Generally I use Git for the projects, so I know basically the version control systems.