daniel armengol altayó

fab academy 2015 student site


principles and practices, project management (Jan 28)
plan and sketch a potential semester project

computer-aided design (Feb 4)
model a possible final project

computer-controlled cutting (Feb 11)
design, make, and document a press-fit construction kit

electronics production (Feb 18)
make the FabISP in-circuit programmer — tutorial Roland MDX-20 mill

3D scanning and printing (Feb 25)
design and 3D print an object that could not be made subtractively, 3D scan an object

electronics design (Mar 4)
redraw the echo hello-world board, add (at least) a button and LED — tutorial Roland SRM-20 mill

embedded programming (Mar 11)
program your board to do something — ATtiny44 vs arduino pinout

computer-controlled machining (Mar 18)
make something big

molding and casting (Mar 25)
design a 3D mold, machine it, and cast parts from it

input devices (Apr 8)
add a sensor to a microcontroller board that you've designed and read it

output devices (Apr 15)
add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something — game, knock

composites (Apr 22)
design and make a 3D mold, and produce a fiber composite part in it

networking and communications (Apr 29)
design and build a network connecting at least two processors

interface and application programming (May 6)
write an application that interfaces with an input/output device

applications and implications (May 13)
final project proposal

mechanical design, machine design (May 20)
make a machine

invention, intellectual property, and income (May 27)
develop a plan for dissemination of your final project

final project
hardware, electronics and software

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